Frequently Asked Questions

What is TeacherBOX?

TeacherBOX is a monthly subscription box purchased by parents for teachers to ensure they have the school supplies to support the growth of their students. TeacherBOX allows teachers to have the resources to successfully enrich their students without the additional financial burden.

What is included in the TeacherBOX?

The TeacherBOX allows teachers to customize based on their needs and select the supplies that are shipped to them each month. Teachers have the options to select from school supplies, PPE, room decor, student rewards, etc. Additionally, the TeacherBox offers annual teacher appreciation gifts, a classroom party snack, and premium supply* options. *Available with Diamond Box only

Can I cancel my subscription?

TeacherBOX is a risk free subscription and you can cancel at anytime by contacting Support at or 1-918-812-7814.

How often will my teacher receive a box?

Your child's teacher will customize their TeacherBOX by the 15th of each month to be delivered the first week of the following month!


TeacherBOX is here to help answer your questions or make any changes to your account! 

A representative can be reached

Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm CST

(918) 812-7814

Thank you for supporting teachers!  

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